Ignite Technologies adds 12 Solutions With Skyvera and Versata Mergers

AUSTIN, Texas, July 18, 2019: Ignite Technologies and ESW Capital announced today a reorganization of ESW Capital’s operating companies resulting in 12 solutions from the ESW Versata and Skyvera portfolio companies being merged into ESW’s Ignite Technologies portfolio.  

With the merger, Ignite adds the following solutions to its portfolio:



  • www.ignitetech.com/auto-trol
  • CAD, EDM and PLM: Streamline technical configuration creation and management with a single integrated solution (Versata)


  • www.ignitetech.com/ecora
  • Workstation and Server Management: Manage change and configuration of servers and workstations for your entire environment (Versata)

EPM Live

  • www.ignitetech.com/epm
  • PPM Work Management Platform: Revolutionize project management across your entire organization (Skyvera)


  • www.ignitetech.com/everest
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Integrate and automate routine business functions, giving managers more time to concentrate on strategic areas (Versata)

Artemis Finland

  • www.ignitetech.com/artemis
  • Portfolio and Project Management: Optimize decisions with  aligned portfolio and project management (Versata)


  • www.ignitetech.com/prologic
  • Retail Business Operations Platform: Maximize profits with customizable retail business operations platform (Skyvera)



  • www.ignitetech.com/right90
  • Sales Forecasting Tool: Power the most accurate forecasts for large, complex enterprises from every business perspective (Versata)

Smart Routines



  • www.ignitetech.com/triactive
  • Service Desk Solution: Optimize asset, configuration and desktop management with integrated service desk solution (Versata)

Effective July 1, the products are marketed, sold and supported as Ignite Technologies solutions.

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