In a world where information is power, struggling to access the right expertise is a competitive disadvantage. Missed deadlines, flawed decisions, and frustrated employees result from not having the right answers at the right time. Jive Personas revolutionizes this process, using advanced AI to create interactive digital experts, modeled after your best and brightest, ready to help your team thrive.

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Get answers faster

Eliminate the frustration of chasing down experts or sifting through outdated documents. Jive Personas delivers expert insights directly to you, streamlining decision-making and accelerating projects.

Tap into a global knowledge pool

Break down language barriers and collaborate seamlessly with the best minds in your organization, regardless of location. Jive Personas' multilingual capabilities empower cross-border innovation, giving you a global competitive edge.

Empower every team member

Democratize knowledge, allowing everyone to make informed decisions based on your organization's collective wisdom. This leads to greater employee confidence, improved outcomes, and a culture of innovation.

Preserve and scale expertise

Ensure critical knowledge, best practices, and hard-won lessons aren't lost when employees leave. With Jive Personas, this vital information becomes an accessible, searchable resource for everyone.

Thrive in the remote work era

Connect distributed teams with essential information and collaborative support, even across time zones. Jive Personas keeps your remote workforce aligned and productive, fostering a sense of connection.

Capture undocumented knowledge

Too often, valuable expertise lives only in the heads of your most experienced people. Jive Personas gives you a way to capture and codify this knowledge, ensuring it benefits your organization long-term.


Imagine a customer service team facing a complex technical issue. With Jive Personas, they can immediately get troubleshooting steps and explanations from your top engineers, resolving the issue quickly and ensuring customer satisfaction. Or, envision a marketing team needing insights into a new market. Jive Personas grants them access to the knowledge of seasoned experts, accelerating data-driven campaign creation.

Jive Personas puts you in the driver's seat of knowledge innovation. Your expertise, combined with the power of AI, will create a future where every employee has the knowledge to excel.

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