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We're not Superheroes,
but we did in fact
Save your Software's Life

We're not Superheroes

What do we Mean by That?

Like all businesses, yours depends on a variety of software solutions for sales, IT infrastructure, corporate communications, finance, etc., to power your business. Often, these solutions and their companies weren’t built to scale, were underfunded, or simply mismanaged and ground to a halt, filed bankruptcy or just closed their doors. This results in many companies, much like yours, holding...

A Big Bag of Nothing

Understanding this Reality and the Pain it Causes Unsuspecting Businesses...

Understanding Your Pain

Ignitetech Decided it was Time to Create a Place for Software to Live!

We provide stablility, strategic enhancements, and a bright future so software truly can LIVE and even THRIVE with other software we saved!

Who we are

That's where IgniteTech's vision comes in.

The Three Pillars of our Corporate Vision

Fully supporting and charting visions for improvement for all of our products as long as customers need, allows IgniteTech to give all of those sad, malnourished, neglected, and almost abandoned software solutions a place to thrive through evergreen investment.

  • 1

    Save and stabilize the software and businesses we acquire

  • 2

    Innovate and transform all products to the AWS Cloud

  • 3

    Add Unlimited Value with our Netflix-style licensing model

IgniteTech's Parent Company has Profitably Served Customers for Over 30 Years and Acquired more than 100 Software Companies.


Years in Business


Software Compaines Acquired

ESW Capital Reinvests

ESW Capital reinvests its revenue in creating software-company-services-at-scale, and in giving new life to our software.​​​​​​​

ESW Capital Acquires

Our ESW Capital Acquisition Division is constantly searching for the next software product to save before your business is affected by the software vendor going out of business.


ESW Capital

100% Focused on You.

We don’t pursue or accept new customer sales. Instead, 100% of our focus is on retaining our customers. Our growth comes from additional acquisitions using this incredible business model, which increases YOUR return on investment with IgniteTech, because...

There's More

Focused on You

Tech UnlimitedTM

IgniteTech Unlimited is our Netflix-style, software licensing model where every customer's existing license becomes a subscription to our entire software portfolio.

No Additional Cost

(includes full technical support)

IgniteTech Unlimited

The Ignitetech Unlimited Catalog Includes the Entire ESW Enterprise Software Portfolio.

PLUS, you’ll be excited for every new acquisition, because this means there’s another solution that may serve your needs, and you’re already licensed for it, under IgniteTech Unlimited!

Entire Portfolio included

Our Vision...

A Thriving Home for Your Software

So rest easy - your software is in good hands



Rest Easy

Where Software goes to Live

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