YOUR EXperts powered by AI, Available whenever and wherever you need it

Jive Personas uses advanced AI to create realistic, interactive digital versions of your Subject Matter Experts, putting your organization's collective knowledge at your fingertips. These AI-powered experts are always available, adapt to new information, and even communicate in multiple languages, breaking down barriers to knowledge access. Read the press release here.

Watch IgniteTech's CEO announce and demonstrate Jive Personas on stage at ImagineAI Live 2024.

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Access expert knowledge instantly

Need answers on demand, anytime, anywhere? Jive Personas connects you with Subject Matter Experts 24/7, eliminating meeting delays and fueling faster, data-driven decisions.


Your experts, always on call

Jive Personas deliver instant knowledge access and a direct line to the human expert behind them. Get real-time answers, insights, and solutions on demand.


Collaborate without borders

Break down language barriers and collaborate globally for borderless innovation. Jive Personas' multilingual capabilities streamline teamwork across borders and time zones.


Scale expertise across the organization

Unlock your organization's full potential by sharing knowledge and maximizing impact. Jive Personas helps you scale expert insights throughout your organization, empowering every employee to make better decisions.


Supercharge remote teams

Remote work shouldn't mean knowledge gaps. Jive Personas gives remote employees instant access to expertise and real-time collaboration, regardless of location.


Capture your collective wisdom

Protect your knowledge assets and build a resilient organization. Jive Personas ensures your organization retains critical knowledge and reduces the risk of expertise loss by capturing expert insights.