ResponseTek: A Look Ahead

IgniteTech has spent over a decade creating the world’s leading Enterprise Performance Acceleration Platform. With this growth, we have developed long-term plans for each of our solutions. 

Our vision for ResponseTek is to help our clients to engage with all of their customers, across all demographics and channels, by leveraging the latest cloud technologies to get the best possible customer insights, that will allow them to better drive their businesses forward.

The foundational strategy is to reinvent ResponseTek’s core architecture into a full Native Cloud solution, leveraging best-in-class cloud based technologies. This strategy will enable several key capabilities of our vision:

    • Implement New and Innovative Methods for Survey and Feedback Collection – Traditional surveying methods are increasingly plagued by poor customer participation rates. To address this, we will focus on creating organic, natural conversations with customers across all platforms (Chat, text, Social Media and Voice). This conversational style methodology will reduce “survey fatigue”, increase the quality and quantity of response rates, and in the end, dramatically improve the overall relationship between our clients and their customers. 
    • Expand Reporting and Insights Capabilities –  With more, unstructured and near real-time feedback and data available, a new challenge appears, which is to ensure that the insights delivered to employees are identified and delivered effectively. By proactively addressing this challenge, we will continue to empower employees to have greater focus and engagement with customers, driving an overall improvement in customer experience. Our next generation of reporting and dashboards will incorporate best-in-class machine learning technology that is powered by Amazon SageMaker.  The embedded artificial intelligence (AI) will intelligently identify, predict, and PRESCRIBE key areas that need investigation and ACTION.  By streamlining processes through AI. and automation, ResponseTek VoC programs will become massively more impactful, reducing time and money spent on understanding the data, while at the same time driving timely actions and remarkably improved customer experience. 
    • Drive Agility to Quickly Adapt to Business Needs – We understand that business priorities shift rapidly, and that creates pressure on Customer Experience (CX) leaders to capture and provide relevant data to the business. To help alleviate this pressure, we intend to enable our customers with the flexibility and power to quickly create and edit surveys, reporting and workflow configurations directly. Whether you want to make changes “hands on”, or prefer our managed services, Ignite’s investment in easy-to-use, self-serve ready administration tools will ensure fast and high quality continuous improvement for your ResponseTek program.

By harnessing the world’s most advanced Web-based technologies found in AWS, and combining them with our groundbreaking, conversational-based surveys, we can deliver unprecedented consumer insights that will allow ResponseTek customers the ability to respond almost instantly to the needs and demands of their customers; thereby creating enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as healthier bottom lines for your company.

One Subscription: Unlimited Solutions

Organized into 6 powerful suites, Ignite’s platform includes over 50 proven software solutions, all of which are offered as a subscription, where as a customer, you have access to every solution in the platform as part of your existing product subscription.

The following solutions are most popular with our customers:

  • Market & Competitive Intelligence Solution (powered by FirstRain): Eliminate costly manual searching by arming your market-facing teams with on-demand regional, industry, and competitive insights tailored to each role’s area of interests. Using this in tandem with ResponseTek will arm your business leaders with  the ability to make more effective and prompt decisions, reducing time spent on research and increasing the effectiveness and quality of customer interactions.
  • Executive and Organization News Briefs (powered by Synoptos): Ensure executive and internal stakeholder awareness and alignment on relevant daily news, media, PR and social activity, to more effectively respond and manage brand coverage. This solution enables you to quickly and easily build and distribute digest-style emails containing key news and social highlights, along with your own key updates and highlights about your ResponseTek VoC program.

Continuous Improvement of Core Solution Capabilities

Our teams have been working hard and have made great progress in the following areas for ResponseTek:

  • Quality improvements across the platform, including speed and performance, SMS survey responsiveness, and in web and mobile reporting.
  • On-going security strengthening, with several improvements added
  • Upgrades and new features, including a new version of Advanced Text Analytics, and several reporting enhancements to improve user experience related to Bookmarking and Filtering.

We are currently focused on several areas to help drive value for our customers today and over the long term:

  • We are focusing on helping all of our customers make the transition to the Platinum-level Customer Support program so customers can fully optimize all of their survey needs (get in touch for details).
  • One of our top product development priorities for ResponseTek  is to continue to ensure that we are constantly enhancing and improving the security of our software, as well as maintaining the integrity of our data gathering techniques
  • Our commitment to high quality, highly reliable software remains top of mind for our engineering teams, evidenced through ongoing improvements and releases focused on providing an exceptional experience for you and your teams using ResponseTek. 

Ignite: Business Software Reinvented

Ignite is part of the ESW Capital Group based in Austin, Texas. We focus on buying, strengthening, and then growing mature business software companies. By taking advantage of our unique operating platform, we revitalize our acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer success a top priority.

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IgniteTech Unlimited is our groundbreaking, Netflix-style license model where every IgniteTech customer’s product license is a subscription to the entire IgniteTech Enterprise Solution Portfolio.

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