Gensym: A Look Ahead

As industrial processes become more complex, new challenges are arising in the global business space that are threatening to overwhelm business leaders and plant operations managers. Staggering amounts of data to constantly review, unplanned downtime, low quality outputs,  as well as the increasing complexity of machine maintenance and repair have created an opportunity for Gensym G2 to solve these challenges.

Our vision for Gensym G2 is to extend the core of our proven Expert System capabilities into the AWS cloud, to unlock new intelligent and innovative Industrial IoT (IIoT) capabilities that are possible today and in the future. This strategy will enable several key capabilities of our vision:

    • Maximize Process Uptime with Predictive Maintenance  – Gensym will provide intelligent predictive alerts to identify device and process operating anomalies to help you make the needed adjustments or repairs before the equipment goes down. Predictive prevention is the future. (Did you know? According to McKinsey, firms can increase asset productivity by 20% and reduce costs by 10% through the use of AI-enabled predictive maintenance systems.)
    • Expanded Reporting and Analytics Capabilities –  Powerful, new, real-time dashboards and analytics empower you to understand, compare, analyze and optimize your operations. Easily compare and benchmark your operations across facilities, and understand and monitor all aspects of your operations.
    • Optimize Performance with Digital Twins – By harnessing the immense power of the cloud, A.I. and machine learning, you can model scenarios in a ‘digital twin’, understanding scenarios and dependencies so you can confidently deploy changes into production. Advanced modeling reduces company risk and unnecessary cost exposure as well as enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

By leveraging the advanced core services of the Amazon IoT service stack, we are enabling a future solution that is massively scalable, secure, intelligent and adaptable. It is based on Industry Standards to make sure that your software implementation is always compatible with other systems. This will ensure both higher quality and consistency of outputs, reduced maintenance costs and downtime, greater energy efficiency rates and a healthier top line for your business.

One Subscription: Unlimited Solutions

Over the last decade, Ignite has invested to create the world’s leading Enterprise Performance Acceleration Platform. Organized into 6 powerful suites, Ignite’s platform includes over 50 proven software solutions, all of which are offered as a subscription, where as a customer, you have access to every solution in the platform as part of your existing product subscription.

The following solutions are most popular with our customers:

  • Emergency Notification System (powered by AlertFind):  Ensure you are prepared for critical communication with your employees. AlertFind’s emergency notification system enables you to instantly reach every employee to alert them of immediate threats, provide them with critical information and receive key updates in real time.
  • Executive and Organization News Briefs (powered by Synoptos): Ensure executive and internal stakeholder awareness and alignment on relevant daily news, media, PR and social activity, to more effectively respond and manage brand coverage and critical industry events. This solution enables you to quickly and easily build and distribute digest-style emails containing key news and social highlights.
  • System Log Event Data Warehouse (powered by SenSage):  SenSage AP is an Event Data Warehouse enabling better decision making with advanced data analytics and detailed forensics. SenSage AP allows you to collect and store data over longer periods of time – years or even decades – so that you can conduct faster, more sophisticated analytics.

Continuous Improvement of Core Solution Capabilities

Our teams have been hard at work strengthening G2. Some recent highlights of our progress include:

  • Over 50 defects addressed in the 2019 series 
  • A new G2 Enterprise variant (embedded G2 Server) was completed
  • We have added support for the new PowerPC chipset
  • We have added support for the new RTOS (VxWorks 6.9)

We are currently focused on several areas to help drive value for our G2 customers today and over the long term:

  • Our new Ignite Insights managed service is in progress with several early adopter customers. This service will provide predictive modelling, powered by the latest in machine learning (ML) technology and our in-house ML experts, to transform your G2 data into powerful predictive models helping to optimize processes and save money.
  • We are undertaking product and technical planning, including digital twin R&D, to enable us to map out a strong technology roadmap that will take us on our journey toward our powerful vision for G2.

Ignite: Business Software Reinvented

Ignite is part of the ESW Capital Group based in Austin, Texas. We focus on buying, strengthening, and then growing mature business software companies. By taking advantage of our unique operating platform, we revitalize our acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer success a top priority.

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IgniteTech Unlimited is our groundbreaking, Netflix-style license model where every IgniteTech customer’s product license is a subscription to the entire IgniteTech Enterprise Solution Portfolio.

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