Work Remotely, Side-by-Side

Sococo is the online workplace where distributed teams come to work together each day, side-by-side. No matter where team members might be.


IgniteTech’s Sococo is a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps teams work side-by-side in the same online office, regardless of location. It’s a virtual office solution for remote teams that overcomes the barriers of physical distance by allowing teams to collaborate and connect. With Sococo, you can hire the best people for your team and then be confident that your online office will enable innovation, increase engagement and build trust amongst team members.

Sococo is intuitive and easy to use – just watch the video to see it in action.

Sococo Events

Overcome the barriers of physical distance by hosting innovative virtual events for your employees
and customers, regardless of location.

When events can’t take place in person, due to external factors, cost or resources, you don’t
necessarily need to remove them from your strategy. Sococo enables Ignite customers to move their
events online and ensure that their customers don’t miss out on the great content and launches they
have to share. IgniteTech’s virtual events solution enables you to maintain consistency in your events
strategy and move your planned events to an innovative, engaging online events space.

With Sococo Events, you can:

  • Host an annual conference in a virtual event experience, complete with a lobby, live sessions,
    breakout rooms and the ability to network with attendees virtually
  • Hold annual sales kick-off meeting, company-wide quarterly meetings and product training in an
    interactive and engaging way
  • Supplement a flagship event and get attendees excited by delivering valuable content in a live,
    interactive event space
  • Host a virtual event to drive revenue by generating new leads, accelerating the pipeline and
    driving customer conversion

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Sococo different from other solutions such as Skype, Slack, Zoom and others?
Video conferencing and chat solutions may allow you to communicate with your teammates, but they don’t allow you to connect. Communication via these tools is often asynchronous, overly structured and formal, whereas working side-by-side in your online Sococo workspace allows you to collaborate in real time, hold ad-hoc meetings and get to know the people you work with around the virtual water cooler. Sococo easily integrates with Zoom, Webex, and Google Hangouts so you can bring them into your Sococo instance and get the best of both. When you work in Sococo, you don’t just communicate — you work together.

Does Sococo integrate with any tools?
While Sococo has all of the chat and video conferencing functionality you’ll need, we understand that some companies rely on tools like Slack, Zoom and Google Hangouts. That is why we fully integrate with Slack, so you can send and receive Slack messages without clicking out of your Sococo Workspace. We are also compatible with video conferencing tools like Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, Zoom and more — you can launch a meeting on any of these platforms directly from Sococo.

What is needed to get started with Sococo?
All you need to come to work in your Sococo workspace is an internet connection and an up-to-date Chrome web browser.

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Sococo for the Agile Enterprise

Maximize distributed team talent and creativity by hiring, connecting and engaging the right people anywhere. Empower employees to take advantage of the right moment to problem solve and innovate, accelerating results and inspiring ingenuity.

Sococo Enterprise Fact Sheet

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Learn how Sococo helped World Wide Technology speed up their recruitment cycle by 12 – 24 months, widen their recruitment net and get more (and better) work done, faster.

World Wide Technology Case Study


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Support Services

Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we’ve created the IgniteTech Customer Support Program. Sococo is offered via IgniteTech’s groundbreaking Unlimited program and includes Gold support.

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