Sample Page

On default pages, use this area if you would like text to be displayed directly underneath the page title in the blue hero area. If no text is necessary than leave this area blank.

First Section

This website is broken into what is being termed ‘Content Sections’. Content Sections consist of the main title/headline of the area as well as a variety of different types of layouts that can be used on the page. Use as many or as little of these layouts in each content section.

Note that the ‘Section Title’ text will be used to display the headline of the area as well as the jump navigation on the page. Any time a new Content Section is created a jump navigation item will be created to allow for easier scrolling of the page.

Full-width Content

This particular layout used here, ‘Full-width Content’, displays content that takes up the full width of the page container. This layout would be good for a page that has a lot of text. Or another alternative would be to use this layout to before/or after some of the other layouts to add a little more movement to the page.

This is an example of a quote. Author and Title are optional fields.

Author, Title

Second Section

Split Content

This layout is called ‘Split Content’ in reference to the display being split side-by-side on larger screen sizes. The text content is displayed on the left side and there is a choice between an image or a video to be displayed on the right side.

Video Choices

The Video option will give the user two options of the type of video to be displayed. ‘Other’ encompasses YouTube, WordPress or video links from other outside websites. Realistically this option should be selected if it’s any other type of video aside from Vidyard. Simply copy and paste the URL of the video. Vidyard videos simply need the ID of their video. Sometimes this is referenced as a UUID.

Image Choices

The image selection allows for an image upload area. You will have the option to either choose from an image already in the Media Library or you can directly add the image to this page. There is also a selection for the type of background treatment that goes behind the image – either a blue or orange gradient.


This area shows the other choice for the image background color options.


Split Content Video

This is an example of how to use this layout with a video from another source aside from Vidyard. Most cases would be either using a video that has been uploaded to WordPress or using a YouTube video. For a WordPress video, enter the URL found from within the Media Library once the video has been uploaded. For YouTube, navigate to the Share link and copy the embed link.

Split Content Vidyard Video

Vidyard videos need to operate slightly different than other videos, which means that these open in modal windows. Unless the video is played in a lightbox, or modal window, the full video file is downloaded to the page, which has a big impact on performance and site speed. Best practice is to not have videos loaded into a page unless the user has expressly selected the video to be played.

Vidyard Video Example

Third Section

Orange Background

This background shows the standard orange gradient option.

Blue Gradient

This background shows the blue gradient option.

Link Text Here

Solid Gray

This background shows the solid gray background option.

Solid Blue

This background shows the solid alternate blue option.

Link Text Here

Our Customers

Use this layout to feature certain, or all, customers on interior pages. This layout is completely optional and does not have to be used. This Overview Text field is also optional – no text needs to be filled out here.

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