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FirstRain is a powerful customer and industry business insights SaaS solution that integrates into your CRM and is available via web and mobile app. FirstRain’s solutions include sales rep account intelligence and market & competitive intelligence.

Benefits of FirstRain

  • Drive GTM and account planning with market-centric analytics, and real-time competitive insights on customers, markets, strategy and competition
  • Deliver meaningful detailed market trends and product insights to uncover new business opportunities before the competition
  • Equip sales teams with personalized real-time insights on accounts, territories and verticals
  • Integrates with CRM and enterprise collaboration platforms for seamless adoption across entire team
  • Breakdown silos among departments and functions to become a more streamlined and efficient enterprise
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Dun & Bradstreet Case Study

Learn how Dun & Bradstreet uses FirstRain to provide real-time, relevant web and social analytics to customers via D&B apps.

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Support Services

Customer success is our #1 objective, and that’s why we’ve created the Ignite Customer Support Program. The Program offers three service tiers: Platinum, Gold, and Standard.

Ignite’s Platinum Support is the preferred option for our most active and demanding customers, as it contains the widest array of services and the highest prioritization for critical issue resolution.

Among a total of 7 benefits, the FirstRain Platinum Support program includes the exclusive:

  • Solution Health Check: Rigorous program assessment to review and evaluate key indicators of health to ensure most relevant business-intelligence is delivered to your teams, including identification of integration opportunities for deeper proliferation of business intelligence across your sales and marketing automation toolsets.

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Enterprise License Agreement

Improve Sales and Marketing Results with Predictive Lead Scoring Capability

The FirstRain BI platform now includes a predictive lead scoring capability to improve targeting of marketing campaigns and accelerate closure of sales leads. The new predictive analytics functionality, when combined with FirstRain customer and industry insights, improves the focus of both your premium resource of sales executive time and the expenses associated with marketing campaigns, thereby optimizing a company’s overall return on their demand engine investment.

The new capability is available via the Ignite Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) customer benefit program, Prime, offers licenses, including support services. By leveraging the Prime program, Ignite customers add new capabilities, displace existing software costs, and address ― at no cost ― additional service requirements for their organization’s IT, marketing, sales, finance, and compliance teams.

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Learn how FirstRain customers use predictive lead scoring to improve sales and marketing results.

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