In today's hyper-connected corporate landscape, businesses are increasingly grappling with an 'always-on' culture. This incessant connectivity and the resultant barrage of information, from a flood of emails to non-stop project updates, can lead to information overload among employees. 

Here's how your company can break this cycle and foster a healthier, more productive relationship with technology among your teams.

Implement Tech-Free Zones

A key move in battling information overload is to establish boundaries with technology. Encourage teams to allocate 'tech-free' periods during the day, times when they disconnect from all devices. These intervals offer much-needed cognitive rest, enabling employees to concentrate on key tasks or simply relax.

Leverage Tools to Control Information Flow

Empower your teams with digital tools like Jive that can help regulate the inflow of information. Jive cultivates a more streamlined digital workspace, fostering efficient team collaboration and information sharing without overwhelming individual team members.

Moreover, Jive’s features are tailored to encourage effortless team collaboration. Its capabilities extend beyond basic communication, assisting in task management, document sharing, and project timeline oversight in one platform. With Jive, multitasking becomes a coordinated and structured workflow instead of a chaotic juggling of different platforms.

Integrating Jive into your teams' daily operations signifies a substantial step towards managing information overload and fostering a healthier, more balanced digital work environment. 

Encourage Selective Attention

Not all information employees receive is worth their time and attention. Encourage them to be discerning about what they interact with. Highlight what information is relevant to their roles or team objectives and filter out the rest. Prioritizing quality over quantity of information can drastically lighten the burden of information overload.

Institute a Routine

Rather than promoting an 'always-on' mentality, designate time for teams to do deep, focused work without checking emails, project updates, and other information sources. Instituting a routine can make information management more bearable and less overwhelming. 

Promote Regular Breaks

Encourage regular breaks from screen time to counter the effects of information overload. These breaks could involve a brief walk, some stretching, or just a few minutes of quiet reflection - the aim is to offer the brain a respite from continuous digital interaction.

Discourage Multitasking

Despite common perceptions, multitasking often results in diminished productivity and heightened stress levels. Instead, promote focusing on one task at a time. Single-tasking allows for deeper concentration and assists in processing and retaining information more effectively.

Breaking the 'always-on' cycle doesn't mean completely disconnecting from technology; instead, it's about using it mindfully and effectively. By adopting these strategies, your company can regain control over information consumption, alleviate information overload, and achieve a healthier digital work-life balance for your teams.

If you want to learn more about optimizing your team's productivity or want to learn more about how Jive can transform your team's digital workflow, we're here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact our team.  

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