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Embedded Object-Oriented DBMS System for Application Development

Simplify design and exchange data seamlessly in distributed systems

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ObjectStore is an enterprise object-oriented database management solution for C++ and Java. Our technology enables developers to build distributed and cross-platform solutions that operate on-premise or in the cloud.

The Database Behind the World’s Highest Performance, Most Scalable Applications

  • Deliver multi-fold performance improvement by eliminating the middleware requirement to map and convert application objects into flat relational rows by directly persisting objects within an application into an object store
  • Eliminate need to flatten complex data for consumption in your application logic reducing overhead of using a translation layer that converts complex objects into flat objects, dramatically improving performance and often entirely eliminating the need to manage a relational database system
  • OO storage that directly integrates with Java or C++ applications and treats memory and persistent storage as one – improving the performance of application logic while fully maintaining ACID compliance against the transactional and distributed load

Customer Success


Delta Case Study

Learn how Delta is using ObjectStore to quickly rerouting crew members during unforeseen weather, mechanical and other challenges — and ultimately improving the customer experience.

Lombard Odier Case Study

Learn how ObjectStore helps Lombard Odier assemble thousands of portfolios in real-time, calculating and re-calculating what will make the most sense for individual clients and an entire book of business.

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Maximize the return on your investment with Ignite’s Objectstore Consulting Services. From advisory and process consulting, through implementation and support, our team of industry experts will ensure you get superior value from your technology investment.

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