Ignite’s innovative ELA customer program adds new solutions and strategic partnership.

AUSTIN, Texas — June 5, 2019 — To accelerate digital transformation for its customers, Ignite Technologies announced today the expansion of its innovative Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) customer program, called Prime.

“With Ignite Prime, customers advance digital transformation across their organization with unprecedented customer-friendly economic terms,” said Davin Cushman, CEO, Ignite Technologies. “Ignite Prime helps customers ignite better business performance by stretching their budgets to achieve more. Or as we like to say, deliver new capabilities that are Powered by Prime.”

Prime provides Ignite customers software licenses, beyond their existing contracted solution(s), for products within the Prime Solutions Catalog at no additional cost.

Customers leverage Ignite Prime to:

  • Enhance current solutions: By adding complementary software capabilities into the implementation of existing Ignite solutions
  • Add new capabilities: By introducing altogether new enterprise solutions into their organization
  • Reduce current cost: By replacing existing paid software solutions with comparable Ignite products

The new Prime program enhancements include five new products, a strategic partnership and an enhanced pricing model.

More Solutions

Ignite Prime now includes a total of 14 software solutions to modernize finance, marketing & sales, and IT/Compliance operations.

The new Prime-eligible solutions introduced today include:

    • Synoptos
      Daily Media Monitoring Reports
      Understand what’s transpiring in the media impacting your organization; Produce and easily distribute compelling daily media coverage reports
    • Olive Software
      Olive Digital Publishing
      Create automated, high-quality digital replica editions of print-first content, delivered to your audience through engaging multi-platform experiences
    • ResponseTek
      Customer Experience Management Platform
      Collect and aggregate customer experience, demographic, journey, and behavior data to monitor and improve customer experience in real-time
    • Knowledge Marketing
      Universal Audience Database
      Effectively manage your audience combining demographic, behavioral and contextual data, to then segment, analyze and engage your audience with targeted content and promotions
    • Firm58
      Expense and Billing Platform for Capital Markets Trading Firms
      Manage billing, payments, compensation, positions, and client commission agreements across asset classes, including equities, futures, options, foreign exchange, and fixed income
New Strategic Partnership

Ignite also announced today a strategic partnership with Aurea, also owned by Ignite parent company ESW Capital. Ignite’s Infer Predictive Lead Scoring and Profile Management platform, and Ignite’s FirstRain Business Intelligence Analytics platform are now offered to Aurea customers through AureaUnlimited. “Ignite is excited to broaden the distribution of the Infer and FirstRain marketing and sales capabilities through our unique partnership with Aurea,” added Cushman. “We look forward to these solutions creating even more customer value.”

Enhanced Pricing Model

An enhanced pricing model is the third point of expansion for Prime. The new model offers Prime-eligible Ignite solutions at the same investment level of a customer’s current Ignite agreement. For example, if a customer has an existing annual $100,000 Ignite contract, that customer has annual access to $100,000 worth of each solution in the Prime Solutions Catalog at no additional cost. The minimum Prime budget available to all eligible customers is $25,000 annually, regardless of their current annual contract value.

To accelerate customer use of Ignite’s Prime program, Prime Kickstart Services are available and include installation and configuration for the Prime solution. Kickstart Services are available in small, medium and large packages and are delivered by Ignite’s global Professional Services organization. For customers with an existing Platinum Support Services contract, a small Kickstart Services package for one Prime solution is included annually as a benefit in the Platinum Support Services program.

Support Services for Prime solutions are also included at the Standard or Gold support level, based on customer preference and available Prime budget.

Learn: ignitetech.com/prime
Contact: success@ignitetech.com
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About Ignite Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 2000, Ignite is a privately-held company and member of the ESW Capital group of companies. Since it was reinvented on the heels of a senior management change in 2013, the Company’s mission is to help customers ignite the power of their workforce to drive better business performance. Ignite leads all its efforts with a sharp focus on a simple but challenging objective ― 100% customer success ― measured through the achievement of our customers. www.ignitetech.com

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