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Rich Content Distribution and Tracking, without Network Bottlenecks

Ignite Content Delivery Solution (CDS) is a suite of software products and networking technology that enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of video publishing and efficient distribution. Our solution provides you with the tools you need to publish, protect, target, deliver, track, and measure high-definition video. Ignite CDS is in use today supporting a variety of business initiatives, including corporate communications, training, customer support, sales enablement and HR.

Delivery on Smartphones and Tablets

Ignite enables you to reach your employees anywhere at any time! Ignite supports corporate mobile devices and smartphones enabling employees to receive corporate content and view videos directly on their devices. Ignite supports all Windows Media devices along with iPhone, IPad and Android devices. Extend Ignite to corporate tablets with MediaPlace.

Ignite’s app, MediaPlace makes it easy for employees having iPads and Android devices to access the corporate video portal away from the office, while adhering to enterprise security policies. Critical corporate messaging can be accessed at any time along with the ability to collaborate with co-workers through social features such as commenting and rating of corporate videos. Employees can set preferences for subscription to specific publishers and topics depending on their interest and create playlists of favorite videos for easy reference.

Reach your target audience anywhere, anytime, over any network connection – without creating additional load on your existing corporate network.



Ignite Content Delivery Solution Overview

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Case Study: Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield branded Ignite as CWTV providing TV-quality video to its employees anywhere, over any network topology, without bandwidth or network capacity concerns.

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