Challenges & Opportunities

Stand out from the competition, hit your goals and drive revenue.
  • Focus valuable sales resources
    In today’s highly competitive markets and complex selling cycles, you can't afford to waste time and talent on unsuccessful selling efforts.
  • Understand buyer priorities and preferences
    Shifting customer demands and ongoing pricing pressures can result in missed opportunities and longer sales cycles.



Identify your most promising prospects, build hyper-targeted segments and personalize outreach at scale to significantly increase conversion rates.

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Stay in the know with just-in-time sales & marketing intelligence to increase customer engagement and grow revenue.


User-interface mashup technology that integrates data from cloud services, thick clients and web services, providing a real-time holistic view for CS agents to provide excellent customer service.

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Trilogy Pricer

Define pricing rules based on criteria such as geography, distribution channel, unit-of-measure and more.

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Quickly and accurately assemble and price deals that move more efficiently through the pipeline.

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Aurea CRM

Manage every lead, opportunity and interaction with all of your prospects and customers — quickly, easily and effectively.

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Customer Success

FirstRain Use Case: Sales Rep Account Intelligence
FirstRain Use Case: Sales Rep Account Intelligence
Infer  DNN Use Case: Predictive Lead Scoring
Infer DNN Use Case: Predictive Lead Scoring

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