Challenges & Opportunities

Leverage martech tools to scale resources and outpace the competition.
  • Deliver high quality leads to sales
    Marketing teams need real-time predictive lead scoring in order for sales teams to focus on deals that are most likely to convert to a sale.
  • Monitor your company, competitors and industry
    Teams need the latest news and development with regards to customers, competitors, prospects and even their own company — without wasting time on research.



Stay in the know with just-in-time sales & marketing intelligence to increase customer engagement and grow revenue.


Drive online and offline revenue through location data management, local marketing and digital advertising.

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Trilogy Pricer

Define pricing rules based on criteria such as geography, distribution channel, unit-of-measure and more.

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The Source of Truth for Marketing™ — Enterprise-class marketing data software that delivers clean, trusted performance insights for better, faster decisions.

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The most powerful pure-play Digital Asset Management (DAM) and production/workflow solution.

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Digital Asset Management for millions of in-progress and approved assets. Quickly search, sort and share digital assets and content throughout your global network.

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On Brand

Brand Asset & Guideline Management software to control, protect, create and collaborate — on all aspects of your brand.

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Customer Success

Infer  DNN Use Case: Predictive Lead Scoring
Infer DNN Use Case: Predictive Lead Scoring
Placeable Use Case: Location Data Management & Search
Placeable Use Case: Location Data Management & Search

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