Ignite Technologies Expands Marketing Solutions Portfolio with Chute, an Industry-Leading User-Generated Content (UGC) Platform

AUSTIN, Texas ― June 26, 2018 ― ESW Capital announced today it has acquired Chute, the leader in user-generated content (UGC) discovery and rights management, based in San Francisco. Chute will operate as part of ESW’s Ignite Technologies business.

Chute powers UGC for the world’s leading brands, from leading ecommerce businesses to today’s most exciting destinations. The AI-driven visual marketing solution allows marketers to identify and obtain usage rights of relevant photos and videos from social networks and then display them on their own company websites. Chute’s clients include Wyndham Worldwide, NYC & Company, Thomas Cook, Disney Parks & Resorts, Pure Michigan, Travel Nevada, The Ritz-Carlton, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando Resort.

“Chute is the first end-to-end user-generated content (UGC) marketing solution that streamlines search and discovery, curation, rights management and publishing,” said Davin Cushman, CEO, Ignite Technologies. “With our customers’ increasing use of photos and video in their marketing initiatives, we’re excited to have Chute in our marketing solutions portfolio to further support our customers’ success.”

Chute joins an impressive array of Ignite marketing solutions including Placeable, a location-based data management solution; ThinkVine, an audience-based, marketing optimization solution; FirstRain, a market intelligence analytics tool; and Infer, a predictive lead scoring and profile management solution. “With the Chute solution, there are synergies to be achieved across the entire Ignite solutions customer base, but we see an immediate benefit for our Ignite Placeable Pages customers, as Chute can quickly add a new level of visual richness to a company’s website,” said Cushman.

“Chute has been the industry innovator and leader in user-generated content discovery, workflow management, and publishing for nearly a decade,” said Ranvir Gujral, CEO, Chute. “We’re excited for the opportunity to enhance our core product solution as an Ignite Technologies company, as well as offer our customers expanded functionality provided by the entire Ignite Technologies suite of marketing tools.”

The Chute solution will also become part of the innovative Ignite Prime program, a one-of-a-kind benefit for existing Ignite customers. The Ignite Prime program increases a customer’s technology capabilities at no incremental cost via access to Ignite enterprise solutions ― free Ignite software and Ignite technical support. Customers with current Ignite license agreements have additional purchasing power (for other Ignite software solutions) equal to current spend with the company, thereby doubling an Ignite customer’s effective return on its existing IT investment.

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