IgniteTech Announces New Technology for Acorn PA5G

Redesign of UI Delivers Modern Web Interface for Financial Profitability Solution 

AUSTIN, Texas — November 10, 2020 — Ignite Technologies today announced the general availability of Acorn PA5G 2020 to all customers using the renowned Activity-Based Costing (ABC) solution. Delivering on Ignite’s mission of 100% customer success, Ignite has made a significant investment in the new Acorn technology in response to customer feedback and the demands of today’s remote world.

With this latest release, Acorn’s PA5G and AAA products feature a new HTML5, web-based User Interface (UI) that makes it simpler to access Acorn from any location or device without the need to install any software on the client. The UI has been rearchitected with the latest modern web technologies while purposely retaining familiar navigation, avoiding the need for re-training. The 2020 release also eliminates any technology dependency on Microsoft Silverlight which is nearing end-of-life, keeping customers in compliance with internal IT policies and under full support. Easier than ever to install, onboard, and use, Acorn’s newest release delivers a critical, modern solution that is fresh and in direct support of the transition to remote workers.

“This release of Acorn delivers on our promise to continue to drive customer success with new feature and function”, stated Eric Vaughan, Acting CEO of Ignite Technologies. “Microsoft Silverlight, the technology behind Acorn’s current UI,  will reach the end of support by Microsoft in October of 2021. Ignite’s engineers have worked tirelessly to create a modern UI, replacing Silverlight with an HTML5-based web interface. This latest investment by Ignite underscores our continued commitment to breathe new life into solutions that organizations around the world depend on. ” The full message from Eric Vaughan can be viewed below: 

Acorn PA5G 2020 is available today to all Acorn customers; simply contact your Account Manager to plan your upgrade today and enhance your Acorn experience, or for more information please email acorn@ignitetech.com. Customers on Platinum Support can leverage a free managed upgrade to get started. 


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