Chute Product Enhancement

Integrate CX Surveying to Identify Brand Promoters and Accelerate UGC Campaign Success

AUSTIN, Texas — August 6, 2019 — Ignite Technologies announced today expansion of its Chute user-generated-content (UGC) platform with a new capability to capture audience insights and identify promoters to support the success of brand and demand generation initiatives.

“Chute UGC has a proven reputation of driving increased engagement,” said Davin Cushman, CEO, Ignite Technologies. “With the new CX surveying capability, based on primary customer research, Chute UGC marketers will have more data to improve campaigns both in the strategy and implementation phases, all within their existing budget, to drive greater impact with their UGC campaigns.”

Chute customers can now obtain audience insights, identify brand promoters and maximize engagement. The new capability is a Voice of the Customer platform for measuring and improving customer experience and engagement across all touchpoints of a business.

Listen: Collect and aggregate customer experience, demographic, journey and behavior data to monitor and improve your customer experience in real-time.

Learn: Provide real-time analytics and insights to all areas of the organization to help optimize experiences, services and processes across the whole customer journey.

Act: Automatically identify at-risk customers and drive a two-way exchange with customers to increase retention and engagement.

Engage: Drive experience-based marketing by converting your stream of customer feedback into targeted engagement tactics to maximize impact.

The added audience insights capability, powered by ResponseTek and the Ignite Prime program, is available today as an innovation and benefit for all Chute customers with an active Ignite Chute contract.

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