Acquisition of HawkEye AP Software Brings Further Depth to Ignite Technologies’ Solutions

AUSTIN, Texas — May 3, 2016 – Ignite Analytics, an affiliate of Ignite Technologies and a member of the ESW Capital family of companies, today announced the acquisition of the HawkEye AP business from Hexis Cyber Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of KEYW Holdings (KEYW: Nasdaq). HawkEye AP helps organizations focused on best-in-class security and compliance store and analyze huge volumes of log data in a highly efficient manner to reveal meaningful security insights and deliver to a robust compliance reporting agenda.

Ignite Technologies helps customers “ignite the power of their workforce” to “ignite better business performance” through the deployment of best-in-class business applications and application development platforms across a range of functional domains. HawkEye AP expands the scope and depth of Ignite’s solutions by enabling enterprises to use the information their systems are already generating to meet business-critical goals, such as fraud detection, insider threat behavior analysis, and regulatory compliance.

Ignite is a privately-held, enterprise software company located in Austin, Texas, but with team members across the U.S. and the world. As a first step of the ownership change, Ignite will take the HawkEye AP platform back to its roots, rebranding the product as SenSage AP and thus leveraging the name of SenSage, the company KEYW acquired in 2012 as the basis for the HawkEye AP product.

Davin Cushman, Ignite Technologies CEO, is excited about what Ignite can do for SenSage AP’s impressive customer base and for what SenSage AP can bring to existing Ignite clients. “Ignite will further the success of SenSage customers through more targeted investment that is aligned first and foremost to the needs of active users,” said Cushman. “From the other side, the capabilities of SenSage will unlock new value for the customers of our other solutions, by allowing us to open up a new segment — Solutions for Security — to which current Ignite customers can have free access via our extremely unique Premier Access program.”

Effective immediately, Ignite will roll out its Customer Success program to all SenSage AP customers. This program is top-down and ensures customers achieve success based on mutually established and agreed-upon outcomes. Cushman adds, “Customer Success is core to our operating philosophy and we have a near-obsessive focus on our goal of 100% Customer Success. We will meet with every single customer over the coming months to make sure they are being heard and their needs are being met.”

Hexis Cyber Solutions President, Chris Fedde, believes Ignite is a great fit for Hexis Cyber clients. “We are pleased that in Ignite Technologies we have found a company that values HawkEye AP, its customers and partners,” Fedde added that the ownership and management transition is one that both Hexis Cyber and Ignite will ensure is a positive one for customers.

About Hexis Cyber Solutions
Hexis Cyber Solutions, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The KEYW Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: KEYW) based in Hanover, Maryland, provides complete cybersecurity solutions for commercial companies, and government agencies and the Intelligence Community (IC). Hexis has a mission to ensure that business IT infrastructure is equipped with tools and capability to detect, engage, and remove both external and internal cyber threats.
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About Ignite Technologies, Inc. an affiliate of Ignite Analytics
Founded in 2000, Ignite is a privately-held company and member of the ESW Capital group of companies. Since it was reinvented on the heels of a senior management change in 2013, the Company’s mission is to help customers ignite the power of their workforce to drive better business performance. Ignite leads all its efforts with a sharp focus on a simple but challenging objective ― 100% customer success ― measured through the achievements of its customers.

About ESW Capital LLC
Based in Austin, Texas, Enterprise Software (ESW) Capital has honed a finely-tuned methodology focused on buying, strengthening, and growing mature business software companies. By taking advantage of its unique operating development platforms, ESW revitalizes its acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer satisfaction a top priority. ESW and its affiliated companies have been in the enterprise software space since 1988, and the group includes notable brands such as Ignite Technologies, Trilogy, Aurea, and Versata.

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