Government Solutions

Government entities everywhere are investing in digital transformation, cybersecurity, machine learning and automation to provide better services for their citizens

Challenges and Opportunities

Governments need to focus on innovation and bringing about transformative change while pursuing compliance-oriented priorities.


Cyber attacks require advanced detection and forensic-grade remediation to confidently discover and respond to events, and to secure information.

Legacy systems

Government organizations are moving away from on-premise legacy solutions and onto more effective cloud-based solutions.

Digital transformation

Governments everywhere are expanding their data and analytics capabilities to build a data analytics infrastructure that helps improve program outcomes and citizen services.

Regulation and compliance

All systems are closely regulated and monitored and technology used must comply with government standards and policies.

Integrated systems

Government organizations need to unify systems and data in order to simplify usage, management and maintenance.

Event logging

In order to secure information, government facilities need to constantly monitor and collect security events triggered by data access attempts.

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