Infer: A Look Ahead

Over the last decade, we have invested to create the world’s leading Enterprise Performance Acceleration Platform, which has allowed us to develop long-term plans for each of our solutions. 

Our goal is to make Infer the most sophisticated and flexible Lead Scoring solution on the market, allowing you to confidently accelerate your sales funnels, regardless of industry, CRM or Marketing Automation Platform.

With a foundational strategy to reinvent Infer’s core architecture into a fully Native Cloud solution, we are able to leverage the best-in-class services available from AWS.

This strategy will enable several key capabilities:

    • Optimized Model Accuracy – By utilizing Amazon SageMaker ML services and updated algorithms such as spam lead filtering, we expect models to continue to improve with even more accurate predictions, for a wider variety of datasets. More accurate Lead Scores means more time closing the ‘right’ leads, and less time wasted on the ‘wrong’ ones.
    • More Cost Effective Model Refreshes – Instead of today’s time-consuming and expensive model refreshes and rebuilds to maintain accuracy over time, new innovative techniques can be applied to monitor and more effectively tune models. This means model accuracy can be more easily maintained and improved over time.
    • Improved Scale & Speed – A lean native-cloud architecture will offer massive improvements in scalability of lead scoring volumes while maintaining or improving the speed of scoring.

In parallel, we are also investing in dramatically broadening the integration choices when it comes to CRM and MAP applications to provide you with ultimate flexibility. These solution areas both contain critical information needed to power Infer, and we intend to be able to support all major vendors in these domains. In addition, our integration strategy will ensure ease of switching, so that as you change CRM or MAP vendors, you can be confident that Infer can provide continuity and interoperability  for Predictive Lead Scoring.

The final major element of the vision is broadening support for a wider range of data signals, to increase flexibility for predictive model design and meet the unique needs of each customers’ datasets. With this in place, you can ‘bring your own signal data’, complementing and extending the Infer Signal Data with custom-defined data sources.

One Subscription: Unlimited Solutions

The Ignite Enterprise Performance Acceleration Platform is organized into 6 powerful suites with more than  50 proven software solutions. All are offered as a subscription, where as a customer, you have access to every solution in the platform as part of your existing single product subscription.

  • Sales Rep Account Accelerator (powered by FirstRain): An extremely powerful complement to your sales and account management team’s using Infer, our Sales Rep Account Accelerator creates additional insight on the account for effective prospecting and account cultivation. 

This solution enables teams to stay connected to news and updates about target accounts, so they can strengthen relationships and identify new reasons to call and drive sales opportunities.  For SFDC users, the implementation is easy with the value seamlessly pulled into the reps’ account record view.

  • Market & Competitive Intelligence Solution (powered by Firstrain): Eliminate costly manual searching by arming your market-facing teams with on-demand regional, industry, and competitive insights tailored to each role’s area of interests.
  • News & Market Insights Digests for Customers (powered by Synoptos): Your Marketing team may enjoy using this solution to add a new option in their customer engagement toolbox. This solution enables you to quickly and easily build and distribute digest-style emails containing key news and social highlights, along with your own branded content and promotions.

Continuous Improvement of Core Solution Capabilities

We have been working hard at strengthening the core quality and reliability of Infer to ensure we have a strong foundation that is ready for innovation. Our team has addressed a number of opportunities to improve the application, including relating to specific integration connectors that required updating to current requirements.

Our commitment to exceptional quality and highly reliable software remains top of mind for our engineering teams. From the base of platform stability we created in 2019, we are working with our current customers to maximize the value of all elements of the current platform. This includes making it easy for customers to integrate Infer with more IT ecosystems.

We are currently investing in phase one of our CRM and MAP integration expansion initiative. This focuses on broadening data integration with major CRM platforms so that Fit and Behavior models can be driven by a wider range of data. We anticipate the first iterations of this becoming available soon, which will add MS Dynamics as a pre-built data connector for Fit Scoring

We are also planning to soon begin our reinvention journey, completing a full redesign for core elements of the platform that leverage native AWS services and architecture. During this time, customers may not experience any noticeable upgrades, but will be using a strengthening platform that will be dramatically more easy to expand with more data and expand into even more MAP and CRM systems.

We expect in 2021 and beyond that we will begin to extend and expand the Infer capabilities based on the work in 2020.

Ignite: Business Software Reinvented

Ignite is part of the ESW Capital Group based in Austin, Texas. We focus on buying, strengthening, and then growing mature business software companies. By taking advantage of our unique operating platform, we revitalize our acquisitions for sustainable success while making customer success a top priority.

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