5 Ways to Leverage Knowledge About Your eEdition Subscribers and Their Reading Behavior

As an Olive Software user, you have valuable customer information at your fingertips to use when making decisions about your business.

Olive’s integration with Google Analytics provides you with in-depth detail about your online visitors such as their demographics, their time on your site, use of your e-Edition, and a lot more.

Here are 5 key insights you can gain about your readers:

1) Real-Time & Over Time Analytics                            

You can view your e-Edition readership in real-time, and over time, so you can better understand when readers engage most with your content.  This could be useful information to drive content development, and to share with potential advertisers. Focus on your active pages, including the number of users viewing them, and the number of page views you’re getting per minute.

e-edition active pages google analytics

2) e-Edition Page Views                                               

GA gives you the ability to see specifically what content and articles users read frequently.  This can aid in driving content and editorial decisions within your publication so you can laser focus content to the areas most relevant and interesting to your readers. 

e-edition content analytics view

3) Reader Demographics                                               

Within the Demographics menu, GA captures a wealth of information about your visitors. You can see breakdowns of their age, gender, location, and areas of interest.  

google analytics age demographics screenshot

You will always know where your readers and located and the age demographic of your most loyal subscribers.

e-edition user location google analytics

4) Affinity Categories                                                  

If you drill down in the Interests menu, you can find your reader’s areas of interest in the Affinity Categories tab. This information is extremely valuable for Olive advertisers as they can help target specific customer types and drive higher advertising revenue.

analytics affinity categories for e-edition advertisers

5) Action Tracking 

Additionally, Olive tracks specific actions within your e-Edition so we can monitor use and effectiveness. For example, within the Events menu, Olive tracks the number of users who use the “Translate” or “Voice to Text” functions so you know how many readers take advantage of these features.

google analytics event tracking screenshot

You can also pull Google Analytics data directly into the OlivConnect platform. We’ve put together the video below to show you how to do just that.Google Analytics for OlivConnect

Get Your Access to Google Analytics!

If you do not have access to your Google Analytics account with us, or the individual who had access has left your company, we can easily add you to the Google Analytics account for your site. Please provide us with a Google account email address that we can use (this can be any email address so long as it is part of a Google Account.) You can also create a Gmail account specifically for this purpose. Kindly submit a support ticket to Olive support with your publication/account name and the Google Account email to be added to Google Analytics, and we’ll take it from there.


Throughout this blog series, we will dive into platform features that will help you do more with the Olive platform.  We will also be including case studies featuring your fellow successful Olive Software customers.

Next up, we detail how to implement your archive site to help drive revenue.

As always, If you need anything, please let us know!