Are You Optimizing Instagram to Capture Traveler's Attention?

Hotels. Restaurants. Airlines. Tourism boards. Rental car companies. What do they all have in common? Travelers! It doesn’t matter if you are targeting millennials looking for the next hot vacation spot or business travelers searching for convenience, they are all on social media and they are all searching for recommendations.

What matters is how you are targeting those audiences and with whom you are partnering because less than 7% of today’s consumers trust the advertising you are producing.

The easiest, most authentic and cost-effective way to target those prospects is by leveraging the content that travelers are posting! This recent Travel Report highlights the power of Instagram travel accounts, influencers, and hashtags.

So, for example, if you are a hotel targeting millennials – run a search using the Ignite Chute UGC platform where you can find a plethora of images so that you can select those most appropriate for a millennial audience and then use them for social media posts, galleries on your website and even more traditional marketing like magazine ads or direct mail. By securing permission to use these travelers’ photographs, you are not only saving money on expensive photo shoots, but your marketing materials will be more authentic, and therefore more impactful, with your potential travel customers.

Or another example is if you are a rental car company that doesn’t have many results when you run a search, you can try running a contest that lets customers know you’ll be choosing winners to feature in future marketing. Today’s savvy social media users are almost always looking for ways to grow their audience and contests help them as well!

Chute Amplifies the Travel Industry.

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