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Product and Solution Configuration: Complexity Without Compromise

Ignite’s Trilogy SalesBUILDER provides unprecedented configuration software to give build-to-order and engineer-to-order businesses a competitive edge, setting the standard for configuration capability that no other software solution can approach.

SalesBUILDER helps companies with dynamic, configuration intensive business models turn the complexity of their business into a competitive advantage by configuring their most complex products and solutions quickly and efficiently.

Ignite’s patented technology has set the standard for configuration capability that no other software solution can approach. High-technology manufacturers, telecommunications, automotive industries and service companies have put the solution to the test, requiring engineering level representation of products, multiple dimensions of optimization, simultaneous needs-driven and parts-driven configuration, and the need for resource provision and consumption.

Sell Smarter—not Harder

  • Easily and efficiently configure products, solutions and bundles
  • Streamline sales process to improve efficiency and generate faster sales cycles
  • Eliminate errors in opportunities, quotes, and contracts
  • Opportunity to increase deal size through upsell and cross-sell
  • Ensure consistent pricing and discounting
  • Faster response to market and competitive pricing pressures


  • Dual-mode technology allows companies and their partners to seamlessly configure products both on-premise and via the cloud
  • Eclipse-based environment for creating, editing, and testing models
  • Backwards compatible, allowing customer to embrace history and maintain their investment


Trilogy SalesBUILDER Overview

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