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Does your Organization have the Right People in the Right Position?

True talent management is having the strategy to attract, retain and improve the most capable employees in order to fulfill your business needs and achieve company growth. HR and C-level executives often ask themselves how they will make the most of their workforce, and where the future leaders reside.

Many global Enterprises face these questions, but often can’t answer them.

Ignite’s NuView Talent Management module gives you the capability of working with your employee population from recruiting to performance management to compensation management to succession. We satisfy our clients need for a single solution to expand their ability to manage their populations. Our system understands and builds a strategy for each area in order to maximize the quality and length of your employee life cycle. Now, you can track and motivate your most talented people.


Compensation Management
Recruiting Management
Performance Management
Time and Attendance

Compensation Management

Are your Compensation Plans Integrated into your HRMS?

Companies set organizational goals and want to know if their employees meet them so they reward them accordingly. Ignite’s NuView Talent Management module enables you to reward performance of your employees based on their accomplishments. Our HR software system tracks and measures employees’ behaviors and outcomes to ensure your organization is on the path of success.

Compensation Management is an advanced salary planning, incentive and stock-planning tool, enabling Managers and Human Resource departments to streamline the focal review process.

Get information on:

  • Variance to budget, by pay type
  • Confirmation letters to employees
  • Real-time compensation data
  • Budget increases by department
  • Merit matrix model
  • Planning worksheet w/assigned employees

Recruiting Management

Are you Finding the Right People for the Job?

Recruiting Management, within our Talent Management module, offers advanced tools to assist recruiters and hiring managers with the entire hiring process, from requisitions, sourcing, applicant tracking and management, to interviewing and job offer.

Recruiting transforms applicant resumes sent via email, or submitted via your web site, into applicant data. Applicant records are automatically populated with key fields, including name, addresses, skills and education.

Our tool lets you track detailed position and requisition data for all company openings. It supports both job and position control methodologies.

Your recruiters and hiring managers are assisted with the entire hiring process:

  • Scanning and parsing of resumes
  • Applicant tracking and management
  • Pre-screening and interview questions
  • Completion of final job offer
  • Requisition management
  • Recruiter assignments to requisitions
  • Sourcing
  • Best match search
  • Interview scheduling
  • “One click hire”
  • Tracking of requisitions budgets
  • Compliance and review of diversity programs

Performance Management

Do you Motivate and Support Employee Performance?

Most companies don’t and suffer from organizational difficulty. Ignite’s NuView Performance Management tool, as part of the Talent Management module, tracks individual goals and aligns them with the strategic goals of the entire organization. Our tool helps you manage your employees efficiently by capturing critical information about their skills and accomplishments leading to a more productive, happy and competitive workforce.

Track progress and establish the best practices:

    • Side-by-Side Manager and Employee review
    • View of Peer and Employee self-review during Manager Review
    • 360° Peer Reviews
    • Ability to review past performance reviews from the review form
    • Goal Setting & Objectives
    • Eligibility inclusion for performance period
    • Electronic storage of reviews
    • Notifications/Confirmations
    • Performance Appraisal and metrics

Performance Management allows both the employee and the supervisor(s) to rate the employee on a wide range of skills and abilities, in a non-threatening manner, and complete the review on time, in a shorter duration, with electronic record keeping for fast retrieval.

Time and Attendance

Are you Looking for a System that Provides Detailed Time and Labor Data of your Workforce?

How do you monitor your employees’ time and attendance records? Companies are looking for easy ways to gather information and apply the appropriate rules to comply with labor regulations. They want to ensure adequate staffing, and enforce company attendance and time off policies. How can we automate the collection of work time and paid time for our organization? How can we control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity?

Our Talent Management module offers you a complete electronic time entry system that supports both hours and exception only methodologies for complete flexibility. Now you can have the right tool for better absence management and controls throughout your company. Additionally, you can capture work time for salaried and hourly employees for budgeting and hourly allocation.

The Right Tool

Our Time & Attendance Module is a powerful tool that helps you track time and attendance records and eliminate collecting payroll information manually. It is a complete electronic time processing system that improves productivity throughout your enterprise:

  • Work time (start/stop time) or exceptions data import
  • Labor allocation for analysis and budgeting purposes
  • Time allocation to departments/projects/tasks
  • Process approval (time off & timecard)
  • View of balances & time taken
  • Automatic calculation of overtime
  • Absence management
  • Timely submission of time sheets
  • Timesheet audits
  • Use of time clocks
  • Compliance with California overtime rules


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