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Share, Interact and Collaborate Securely

Looking for a portal solution? Want to add social features or solve content delivery challenges with an existing portal? Ignite has you covered. With Ignite’s out-of-the-box desktop-based social UI and its web-based Media Portal, your audience can now securely share, rate, comment and subscribe to content, encouraging interaction and collaboration among employees, partners and customers. Ignite’s default user interfaces let you maintain complete control over who can upload content and also who has access. Ignite Media Portal can be fully branded for your company and used to deliver any type of content to any device.

Portal Integration

Already have a portal platform? Let Ignite’s more than 12 years of integration experience enhance your existing LMS, CMS or portal solution, by working in the background to deliver rich, high-quality content with no impact on your network. Ignite can also seamlessly add popular social features, along with security and control, that your employees have come to expect from consumer sites. Rather than forcing users to change their behavior, Ignite integrates with your current portal so you can continue using the same publishing workflow and your users can continue accessing a familiar interface. Ignite has extensive APIs that can provide easy portal integration to enhance your employees’ experience.



Ignite Media Portal Overview

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