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Engage your Employees with Live Broadcast

Companies understand the advantage of using live webcasts to communicate with a geographically dispersed workforce – real-time, cost-effective engaging communication. Whether its team meetings and departmental updates or corporate town halls and CEO quarterly updates, software-based Ignite Live Broadcast solution lets you deliver high-quality webcasts using your existing network – no costly upgrades or lengthy deployments.

Ignite’s intuitive interfaces make it easy to schedule and manage your events, while proactive notifications ensure higher audience participation rates. Natively supported moderated Q&A, polling, chat, and configurable player options keep your audience engaged.

Live Webcast Capture Options

Ignite offers several live capture options to meet your specific webcasting needs:

  • SelfCast – Ignite’s easy-to-use capture tool lets employees share their webcam and desktop for quick, simple webcasting events.
  • Ignite-provided encoder – For more sophisticated live events such as company town halls, sales meetings, or other corporate events, Ignite offers an encoder to handle your complex capture requirements.
  • Use your own – Ignite can leverage your existing encoder to efficiently deliver the live captured video or stream to the right audience.
  • Managed Services – If you’re a company that’s just getting started or an enterprise that streams large, corporate-wide events, Ignite offers managed services covering all aspects of the webcast. From lighting, cameras, and microphones to live translations and encoding, our partners bring years of webcasting experience so you can be assured of a successful event.

Scheduling & Notifications

Ignite’s intuitive calendar-based scheduling makes it quick and easy to schedule your events and invite your audience. Ignite integrates with Active Directory so that participants can be notified via email, delivery alert (branded pop-up notification), or both.

Secure & Efficient Delivery

Unlike traditional webcast solutions, Ignite’s peer-assisted streaming technology ensures only one stream is delivered to any network location, resulting in unmatched delivery efficiency even in non-multi-cast enabled environments. This delivery efficiency ensures you can reach 100 percent of your audience with the same high-quality secure webcast.

User Engagement

Ignite offers a number of natively supported engagement options including live moderated Q&A, polling, chat and post webcast surveys.

Viewing Options

Ignite offers several player options to optimize the user’s viewing experience. View from the Ignite Media Portal embedded player, Ignite’s client-based brandable player, or from custom and third-party players.


User statistics let you know who viewed the webcast, when they viewed and for how long. Real-time network reports provide information on the webcast delivery efficiency. After the event, view a list of all submitted questions and all poll questions and their answers.

Ignite CDS

Ignite’s flagship product for live, on demand and push delivery of content provides companies more granular network control with deeper LDAP or Active Directory integration.



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