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Autovod offers an Internet-based eLearning and marketing communications platform designed to integrate video, audio, animation, graphics and text content into a seamless, interactive end-user experience.  The Autovod AV|OnDemand platform has been deployed to support training and marketing initiatives at Cisco, Chevron, 3Com, Sun Microsystems, and IBM.

The Autovod/Ignite solution promotes departmental self-sufficiency in the creation and delivery of critical marketing and eLearning content.  This combined solution frees marketing communications or eLearning professionals to focus on the message instead of the medium.  Users can rapidly and economically create and deliver content for product launches, sales force and channel support, marketing, promotions, financial disclosures, RFP responses, and many other uses.

The Autovod/Ignite solution enables training professionals to maximize their eLearning initiatives by rapidly and economically creating and delivering content for education and training without worrying about how to deliver it or if their networks can handle it.